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Creating video content with brands.

Express Filmmaker has been working with brands to develop and produce their video content for over 10 years. Storytelling is at its core to introduce products, services and company values both for new and ongoing campaigns. A flexible, reliable solution used by brands themselves, agencies and distributors.

Worldwide filmmaking

From a travel agency in Jordan to a knife manufacturer in Japan: When it’s about distance, Express Filmmaker breaks frontiers and prices and makes the world its shooting set, while you won’t take responsibility on travel formalities.

Translation Service

In order to break language barriers between companies and consumers, the service includes translation to a wide range of languages as well as synchronization and subtitling.

Combo Projects

The use of hybrid cameras with video and photo capabilities make very easy to combine both in a single request, with no need to send additional professionals far away.

using photo and video cameras

This is how a production tipically works from the moment you contact Express Filmmaker.

1. Getting in touch

Don’t hesitate to get in touch at any stage of an idea. It can be as simple as “a video would be good for my brand”. If that’s the case, we will talk about the brand’s background, and take a look at your website and / or any additional information available. With that, you will receive some examples of existing videos that may align with the style of your brand, and we will set how many days of shooting we need (see filming)

2. Quotation

A non-compromised quote is sent within 24h-48h after that initial conversations. It details the prize of the whole production from beginning to end, including treatment, production expenses, filming, post-production and delivery.

3. Treatment

Once the quote is approved, you will receive a pdf file of a treatment for your video(s), packed up with the script and visual references of the video(s) we are going to produce. Sometimes meetings can be held to refine this treatment (via phone, call / video-conference).

4. Filming

Shootings can take any number of days. Most of productions are 1 or 2 days, sometimes 4 to 5, and some exceptions would need more. Generally, a single professional handles the production, making easy flexibility, logistics and and considerably reducing production expenses. If you have chosen a combo project, both film and photos will be produced at once.

5. Post-production

It’s time to put together the video(s). The post-production includes music, sound treatment, color correction. Sometimes, discrete special effects may improve the visuals. An example: adding some clouds in an empty, blue sky. This minor effects are not perceived by the viewer as such, but they make the video(s) more elegant. All this is included in the basic prize, as well as two rounds to review the video and ask for changes.

6. Delivery

For a film of 2-3 minutes it takes 15-30 days to be edited and approved. Once this happens, we can translate the video(s) to other languages and subtitle it. Also, you can ask for different formats of the video(s), depending on where you want to use them (youtube, tablet, tv display, instagram). The final file(s) can be sent to you through a private link or via post (USB flash drive), depending on your choice.

Strong Points

4 important values for your commercial film

In a time where video production grows exponentially, there are 4 strong points in the formula that make your video stand out.


You matter, and then it comes the film. Sounds obvious but it’s not always reflected in commercial films. What you are, what you do, how you do and what you represent have an impact from beginning to end of production with a direct influence on the form and content.


Where will the film be displayed? In LCD displays in shops? Is it a b2b video for a conference? The context surrounding your film is crucial to fullfill its mission. Any information about the environment of the film is taken under consideration to decide lenght, colors, font size rhythm or music among others.


Having a refined look in your film is important for your message. Express Filmmaker refference is cinema rather than the news channel. The lenses used in every project have photographic look, and the camera movements are smooth and delicate.


It can be the simplest action: a worker cutting wood, a CEO giving a speech to the employees… The way it’s filmed and edited matters. Each piece of video should be a story, and each shot a little part of it.


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